Dear Governor Simon Bako Lalong, with respect and diligence, we bring greetings to you.

May we also congratulate you on the success of the recently concluded ‘APC’ Primary election in Plateau State. The election was however not without complaints and rejection as expected. Some Aspirants expressed their grievances over the conduct of the Primary election which as Concerned Youths urge ‘Your Excellency’ to look into their complaints and create an enabling environment for reconciliation so that the aggrieved Aspirants would put aside their grievances and work together for the progress of the party in the forth coming general election in peace and oneness

As a group, we all had our respective choice of candidate during the ‘APC’ Primary election. After the election, some of us rejoiced while others were sober. In the end, we all ironed our differences and decided to work together in spirit of sportsmanship with the winner of the Party’s Gubnertorial Primary election, Dr. Nentawe Goshwe Yilwatda. To us, the interest of the Party ‘APC’ is by far greater than the interest of any individual. 

While we congratulate you for a peaceful election, may we also wish to congratulate the flagbearer of our great Party ‘APC’ Dr. Nentawe Goshwe Yilwatda for the resounding victory and pray for God Almighty to see him throughout the electioneering period. 

To the Aspirants who put in a great fight but lost, you all are heroes and the reason why our Party ‘APC’ is still united. As a group, we plead with you and urge you to kindly put aside your differences and give room for peace and reconciliation so that our great Party ‘APC’ would forge even stronger. Let us all come together and work for the interest of the Party so as to create history on the Plateau by re-electing our Candidate in the General election yet again.

Your Excellency, the Primary election have come and gone, but you, the Party and Stakeholders are left with a task and obligation of pairing our flagbearer with a worthy candidate who has the capacity of adding numbers to the Party. We are fully aware that the Deputy Governor position is coming to us ‘Jos North’. We are however displeased with the news going round social media and seeing our Gubnertorial candidate already being paired with a candidate that isn’t the choice of the ‘Jos North’ masses. We want to believe it is the work of mischief makers and political desperados whose only interest is for themselves and not of the Party.

You are fully aware of how we lost the ‘Jos North/Bassa’ Federal constituency seat to an opposition Party. We lost the Jos North/Bassa Federal constituency seat to an opposition Party because those who presided over the process of campaign and mobilization have no Party interest at heart and are not respected by the electorates that was why our Party did not only lose the seat but came third which is unfortunate considering how dominant we have always been. A repeat of such would not only affect ‘Jos North’ only but we may end up loosing the forth coming Gubnertorial election if not corrected. May we remind you that Jos North votes always comes in block and contribute immensely to our Party’s victory at all times.

Jos North is bigger than any individual or selective group of people to handle. Therefore, as youths who mobilize masses for our great Party, we urge you and the stakeholders to implore your conscience and make the right choice in selecting the rightful candidate for the Deputy Governor from our zone. May we also inform you that only the right candidate and only the right candidate would pull votes.

In the position of the Deputy Governor, we need a grassroot politician. An experienced politician who isn’t a novice in winning elections, if possible a victory with another political Party, that would show the level of his/her experience and how the candidate is accepted by the masses. Only a candidate that has a good relationship with other tribes from Jos North should be selected. We should also be mindful of our Muslim brothers who bring block votes every election. If a candidate who doesn’t have a cordial relationship with them is chosen, believe me, they would rather vote for an opposition Party or not even vote at all than to vote our candidate ‘APC’ and that would affect our chances of returning.

While you deliberate on a worthy candidate, let the Party select a peacemaker, someone who is not a religious/tribe fanatic but accepted by every religion and tribe in Jos North. We need a candidate whose antecedents have spoken for him/her. We want an experience politician who would be loyal to the Party and act as an elder figure and role model in directing our incoming Governor at all times, who is a first timer. Sentiment, friendship, interest and working relationship should be put aside when selecting the Deputy Governor. Only a Politician who is not self-centered or tribe and gender bias should be selected.

If given the mandate to choose, the voice of the majority have a candidate worthy of the position of the Deputy Governor in Jos North since it must definitely come from our zone. However, It would be improper for us to mention names but we believe that His Excellency have the knowledge and experience as a pioneer of our Party ‘APC’ in the State to know the right candidate and what is right.

Let the Party not make a mistake of selecting a candidate who has no political experience. Regardless of the Party selection, we will remain faithful to the Party but stand a chance of losing the General election if the right thing is not done.

Your Excellency sir, regardless of the pressure that would come to you from every angle, stand firm and do the right thing for the interest of the Party. Regardless of how worthy a candidate is, don’t select a candidate that isn’t a loyal and patient Ambassador in order to avoid rebellion in the future as seen in many cases.

On this note, we Pray that your choice and that of the Party would favour every tribe and religion because we all need to be represented equally. May God Almighty see you throughout your tenure successfully.

Yours faithfully,



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