Idris Usman.

Dear Hon. Shehu Bala Usman

Let me start by congratulating you and wishing you well in office. May the Almighty Allah receive your prayers and devotions, with blessings to you, your family, Jos North, Plateau State and our nation, Nigeria.

Honourable sir, I write with deep sense of passion, sincere patriotism and pure intent for the good of Jos North and Plateau State. As time flies, the end of your chairmanship will soon come to an end. What will the good citizens of Jos North remember you for? Would they remember you for your strong will in governance or would they remember you for notable reforms across every sector in Jos North? Would they remember you for your partisanship and selective leadership? Would they remember you for adequately using Jos North funds for the betterment of the people or would they remember you for diverting their funds and properties for personal use? Would they remember you for your service to humanity or would they remember you for continually playing loyalty to some god-father figure who took credit for your election victory at the expense of the development of Jos North? It is up to you my distinguish chairman and what you would be remembered for at the end of your tenure. 

It is on this note that I humbly write to inform you that majority of the citizens of Jos North are not happy with your leadership style. The masses believe you have not shown patriotism, leadership ethics and discipline in your line of duties. Mr. Chairman Sir, your people are complaining bitterly over your partisan leadership. We have noticed that some of the ongoing projects in Jos North have come to a halt and most of your basic electioneering campaign promises are yet to be implemented while some concerned individuals alleged their fear to the rumour that the properties belonging to Jos North and funds allocated to the Local Government may have been diverted for personal use or the already allocated contracts were inflated for the purpose of pleasing some political god-fathers. Be as it may, there would always be political agitators. However, what we want in Jos North is a God fearing leader, a purpose driven individual who will carry everybody along irrespective of tribe or religion. 

 When your election victory was announced where you became the Chairman of Jos North, we all jubilated because we believe that a victory to ‘APC’ is a victory to all, therefore, we believed in your vision. As it stands now, the feedbacks we get from the activities going on in your office is alarming and left us wondering if you’re surrounded by men of integrity and moral conduct. In a large Local Government like Jos North which is the heart of Plateau State where we have numerous respected religious adherents and prominent personalities, the fear of Allah and sanity should be our guide.

Mr. Chairman Sir, it is sad and unfortunate to hear how some of your close political associates expressed their dissatisfactions over your abuse of office and power on how you create and make implementations that are not part of the constitution. 

My advice as a concerned citizen of Jos North who also want you to be remembered for good is for you to redress your steps and look into all these allegations and distance yourself from those political gainers who are only there for their pockets but add no value to your morality and would never tell you the truth. The information going rounds on how the Jos North Guest House is being used and abused is alarming. We therefore draw your attention to the complaints coming from the masses as regard the Guest House and urge you to act immediately by placing a ban on activities taking place in the Guest House that are unlawful. There is life after politics, therefore, regardless of whether the allegations are true or not, make better use of your tenure to attract more friends than enemies because you will certainly need them tomorrow. Remember that this seat was given to you by Allah to serve your people in fairness and equity. If you fail to fulfill your obligation, you will definitely give account of your deeds and the responsibility bestowed on you by the masses. Refrain from being a leader for a certain cabal and remember that you’re representing the people of Jos North entirely. I pray that Almighty Allah would see you through your tenure successfully.

May I at this point again express my displeasure over your involvement and show of interest in the Jos North North and Jos North West House of Assembly Primary elections. As constituents, the pride of our constituency is our State Assembly Members. As an individual, you have the right to campaign for your preferred candidate but what is wrong and improper is the way you and some stakeholders in Jos North are trying to forcefully impose your chosen candidates on the delegates. Every stakeholder is free to lobby delegates and convince them to elect their candidates but we will reject any form of imposition or any form of manipulation to deny aspirants of a leveled playing ground. Some of the delegates expressed their grievances and displeasure over your remark which is obviously seen towards favouring some aspirants approaching the State House of Assembly primary election. We respectfully advice all stakeholders to ensure tranquility and allow aspirants with the deserved vision and those accepted by the delegates only to emerge victorious. 

As the principal of Jos North who is overseeing the helm of affairs in our dear LGA, we urge you to stay clear of any form of direct involvement which may tarnish the image of our dear party ‘APC’, which if not obliged, may end up bringing disunity and chaos among party faithfuls. We again extend same advice to every stakeholder in Jos North who wants to forcefully impose a candidate on us to stay clear of the State Assembly processes and allow the delegates to decide in a free, fair and credible contest. Anything short of that will be rejected. Some aspirants who have no god-father but only purchased forms with their hard earned resources should also be allowed to enjoy the dividend of democracy.

I write this letter in humility with words of advice on behalf of the ‘youth complainants’ hoping it reaches you in sound mind.






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