Lady Recalls How Ex-Husband Shamed Her After Traditional Wedding Because Of Her Parents' Uncompleted Building

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"I remember when we got back from my traditional marriage, 'unku' said "you lied to me and I went to your village and you didn't even have a house". I looked at myself. When did I lie?,"

"You met me in lagos jumping danfo and you thought what? He was not wrong. We've always been rich. The money part of wealth or riches is only a fraction of what wealth indeed is. Wealth of character, Wealth of values

"Anyway, the person who tried to shame my parents' uncompleted building ...neither his parents nor grandparents had a block or kiosk to their names in their life time.

"My parents completed their building and my mum lived there for 7 years before she went to be with the Lord...7 years is longer than most Igbo families utilise their village homes... just saying. There's no peace for the wicked."

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