[Song lyrics] Full Lyrics to 'Joy', A song by SBC MONTANA


[Song lyrics] Full Lyrics to 'Joy', A song by SBC MONTANA
Verse 1 

If Say Na Winchi Winchi I For Fire Burn, 

Ohhh girl you're a criminal yeah, you dey tiff you no get gun 

I been think say I be baddest boy 

Mother of my first son, she dey love she gimme joy 

TRENDING🔥: Music] SBC Montana ft Dinamiq - Joy

          Pre - chorus 

Ohh girl you're final finisher yh

You dey gimme joy you no gimme sadness 

I go take my time to treat you well (×2) 


Oh Tananananananana you dey gimme Joy 

Ohhh baby girl please don't kill the boy (×2)


wait wait alisha 

Pretty lady come closer nw

Me I love your lifestyle 

Baby girl no mind catenate o

Couple million thunder 

To all those niggers out

For your matter baby 

Me I go tie banderna oh

E be you E be you 

Shawty girl say na you na you 

E be you E be you

Pretty girl way I the think about oh

E be you E be you

Baby girl no go pull that trigger 

E be you E be you 

Girl me I fit commit murder oh




baby girl…..  

don’t go…..

Shawty girl stay with me


Fine girl, my sunita 

She burst my brain, she make me shiver 

I never see thing wey go make me leave her 

Your friends dem fine but your bumbum bigger 

Ahhhh killi person, she wan murder me 

Dis girl wan killi person, she wan murder me


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