Altravibes Pilla stone update


Pills stone contest update
Good day my name is lericx Ntn the CEO of altravibes entertainment. Before anything I will want to use this opportunity to thank everyone of you for your interest in our online contest which is starting today *19th of November and ending 20th December 2hrs before the the unveiling of the the altravibes Piller stone winner's (first three winners) 

And also the event the event will be base on entertainment music,dance and comedy, there will also be awarde for music Artis. Also 

-Venue of event will be announced on the official flier which will contain list of all activities


1st position leas. 1k vots

2nd position least 800 vots

3rd position least 700vots

Other participants will get packages least 400 vots


voting should be done via 7039057912 Name: velret yusuf reuben and screenshot should be send to lericx Ntn directly. endeavor to calculate your votes as we do as well.

update will be announce after every two days for clarity .


Altra vibe

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